Sidhika Gokul

Love that there is no sensation of heat… unlike other patches.

Shihaam Smith Wilson

It really helped for back pain #Actipatch

Sue Finney

I used the ActiPatch yesterday pm for the first time on my very painful back due to a herniated disc/nerve problem. I kept it on all night and the pain is now almost gone! This is such a relief for me

Jacqueline Littler

My brother has highly recommended this. He is in Natal and had been in a lot of pain and your product has really helped him. 👍


Initially I had my doubts, however, I was pleasantly surprised how much it did actually help. It reduced the severity of the pain which aided in not having to overdo the pain killers. Overall, I am happy with the ActiPatch®, thank you.


Since using the patch after few hours, 110% improvement to pain, more than pain killers did. Big difference from month ago to now. Able to move arm more freely.


The patch has helped to reduce my pain tremendously and would highly recommend it.


The patch started relieving pain within 12 hours and by day 3 the pain was gone!

Olivia van der Westhuizen

Love it